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The Forgotten Realms Campaign Journal

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The following is a journal of short entries that describe the adventures of my Dungeons & Dragons group as they play through a 5E campaign set in The Forgotten Realms.

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Ravenna - Human Druid, Outlander Background, Neutral - DECEASED (Slain by Venomfang the Green Dragon)
Rizzla - Half-Orc Cleric, Acolyte Background, Chaotic Good - DECEASED (Slain by Venomfang the Green Dragon)
Luthor - Half-Elf Rogue, Criminal Background, Chaotic Neutral - DECEASED (Slain by Venomfang the Green Dragon)
Brumbar - Mountan Dwarf Wizard, Artisan Background, Chaotic Neutral
Udrath Stormheart - Mountain Dwarf Fighter, Soldier Background, Chaotic Good
Hurakhan - Dragonborn Cleric, Acolyte Background, Chaotic Good
Joris Bonson - Human Rogue, Criminal Background, Chaotic Neutral
Zasheir Khalid - Calishite Monk, Hermit Background, Lawful Good

Journal of Events - The Lost Mine of Phandelver

1st Mirtul, 1481 DR

The party is hired by the dwarf Gundren Rockseeker (of the famed Rockseeker brothers) to escort a wagon of supplies south to the frontier town of Phandalin. Gundren rode ahead with his friend Sildar Hallwinter.

3rd Mirtul, 1481 DR

The players are ambushed by goblins whilst traveling on the Triboar Trail towards Phandalin. They discover that their patron, Gundren Rockseeker, has been kidnapped! They follow the goblin trail to Cragmaw Hideout and rescue Sildar Hallwinter. They also find out that a mysterious figure known as The Black Spider has taken Gundren to Cragmaw Castle in order to discover the location of the fabled Mine of Phandelver and the lost Forge of Spells.

4th Mirtul, 1481 DR

The players arrived in Phandalin, having defeated the goblins of Cragmaw Hideout and rescued Sildar Hallwinter.

After delivering Gundren's wagon and receiving their payment, the party explored the town, uncovering several quests and discovering that the townsfolk were under the yoke of a band of mercenaries called the Redbrands, lead by someone called Glasstaff.

Enquiries around the town lead to a series of leads, including the name of a druid who might know the whereabouts of Cragmaw Castle, the place that the kidnapped Gundren was reportedly being held. Reidoth the druid was last seen heading to the ruined town of Thundertree.

Other leads included rumours of trouble near Old Owl Well, a job offer from Halia Thornton at the Miner's Exchange, a request for help finding an old spellbook from Sister Garaele at the shrine to Tyrnora, and a reward offered for stopping orc bandits near Wyvern Tor.

After an ugly encounter at the Sleeping Giant Taphouse the group were congratulated by the villagers for standing up to the mercenaries, and Rizzla was inducted into the Order of the Gauntlet as a reward, by one Daran Edermath, a retired adventurer.

With the help of Luthor's cousin, a young boy called Carp, the group discovered a secret entrance to the Redbrands' lair, hidden beneath the ruins of the old Tresendar Manor that stood on a hill to the east of town.

5th Mirtul, 1481 DR

Before venturing into the Redbrands' lair the party rested and equipped themselves in the town.

They met with Sildar Hallwinter who told them that he was in Phandalin searching for a fellow member of the Lords' Alliance. Iarno Albrek had been sent by the Alliance to set up a constabulary in Phandalin and restore order, but had gone missing. Sildar recruited the players to help him find his lost friend.

Waiting until late afternoon, the party entered the Redbrands' lair via the hidden tunnel that Carp had shown them. The tunnel lead to a large natural cavern that was home to a Nothic, a terrible twisted being that was once a powerful wizard. After a difficult fight they defeated the Nothic and found a small cache of treasure that included an ancient and famous blade, Talon.

6th Mirtul, 1481 DR

The party continued their exploration of the dungeons below Tresendar Manor. There they discovered that Glasstaff was in fact Iarno Albrek, former member and betrayer of the Lords' Alliance. After defeating the mage they moved on through several difficult battles and thinned the hordes of the Redbrand mercenaries.

7th Mirtul, 1481 DR

The party emerged victorious from the dungeons below Tresendar Manor, and were hailed as heroes by many of the villagers in Phandalin for defeating the Redbrand menace. After recovering from their travails the party decided to set out into the wilderness to continue their search for Gundren Rockseeker. Before they left Luthor was made an intriguing offer by Halia Thornton of the Miners' Exchange.

13th Mirtul, 1481 DR

Over the next few days the adventurers explored the lands around the Stone Mountains and the Triboar Trail. They defeated a band of orcs that had made its lair on Wyvern's Tor, bartered with an ancient Banshee for information, and confronted one of the fabled Red Wizards of Thay who was conducting research near Old Owl Well. They were no closer to their quarry however.

A new hope arrived when they discovered the druid Reidoth in the ruined town of Thundertree. Reidoth offered to lead them to Cragmaw Castle where Gundren was reportedly held, on one condition - the party must drive off a green dragon that had taken up residence in the tower above the ruined town.

14th Mirtul, 1481 DR

The party began the day by continuing to explore the ruined town of Thundertree. After battling some ash zombies, blights and some particularly menacing giant spiders, the group came across a band of strange cultists hiding out in a barricaded building.

After a tense stand-off, Favric, the leader of the cultists suggested an alliance. He told the party that they were a band of dragon slayers who had been tracking a green dragon from the south. Together they may be strong enough to defeat it!

Despite concerns from Luthor and Brumbar, the group agreed, and after resting set off for the ruined tower at the top of the hill. There they were betrayed by Favric, who turned the party over to Lord Venomfang the dragon in return for some kind of favour.

A fierce battle ensued. Brumbar's magic put the cultists to sleep, but the party was helpless against the terrifying onslaught of Venomfang's attack. Only Udrath and Brumbar survived, fleeing the disaster as the dragon fed on the remains of their friends...

23rd Mirtul, 1481 DR

After the bitter defeat of the encounter with Lord Venomfang the dragon, hope was born anew as Udrath and Brumbar found new allies in their search for Gundren Rockseeker. Joris the rogue, Hurakhan the imposing dragonborn cleric, and Zasheir the monk joined their quest.

Returning to Phandalin the group recovered from their recent adventures and re-armed. Whilst there they met with Daran Edermath the retired adventurer. In return for helping him discern what was behind the reported strange sightings at Old Owl Well, Edermath revealed where they could find Cragmaw Castle.

With renewed hope for the fate of their friend and mentor Gundren Rockseeker, the party set out to rescue the dwarf. After searching for several days they found Cragmaw Castle hidden deep within the eaves of Neverwinter Wood. Joris used his skills to locate a hidden entrance to the back of the keep.

Sneaking inside, the party made quick work of the little defences they encountered, finally rescuing Gundren from King Grol of the Cragmaw tribe and slaying the dark elf ambassador he was talking to. Happy and relieved to have finally found Gundren, the group headed out to safety. Gundren offered the party a huge reward as thanks for rescuing him and for their future help in reclaiming the Lost Mine of Phandelver and the Forge of Spells.

Before setting out to recover the ancient treasures of the mine, the party returned to Cragmaw Castle to clear out the remaining goblins. An epic battle ensued as they alerted all of the resident goblins and hobgoblins to their prescence, but finally their grit and determination (plus a little luck) won the day.

And so they found themselves almost ready to begin the final stage of their quest.

26th Mirtul, 1481 DR

It did not take long for the party to clear out the few remaining goblins from Cragmaw Castle. They travelled back to Phandalin and rested up, safe in the knowledge that their defeat of King Grol and the Cragmaw tribe would mean the roads in the area would remain safe for merchants and travellers for the forseeable future.

The group restocked their supplies and prepared to travel to Wave Echo Cave, now that Gundren was able to show them the way. Whilst in the town Udrath posted up some notifications offering work for labourers. Zasheir visited the local shrine, and as a result of his discussions with Sister Garaele was made a most intriguing offer.

At last it was time to travel to Wave Echo Cave and try to reclaim the lost glories of the Mine of Phandelver. Gundren escorted them to the hidden cave entrance that he and his brothers had found, and waited outside to look after the horses whilst the rest of the group lit their lanterns and headed inside. As they entered they could all hear a strange, rhythmic roaring sound, like the crashing of huge waves. The first thing they found was Gundren's camp, and unfortunately the slain body of his brother Tharden. Gundren was overcome with grief and pleaded with the group to find his other brother Nundro and beat the Black Spider to locating the fabled Forge of Spells.

Unfortunately the Mines would not give up their secrets quite so easily. The party found signs of the ancient battle that had destroyed much of the mine centuries before, and amongst the dead a whole host of trouble, including stirges, undead and oozes. Their battles were fierce and bloody, but they managed to clear out the entrance to the caves and rested before heading further in.

28th Mirtul, 1481 DR

The next two days were hard work for the adventurers. They continued to explore the Lost Mine, clearing the way of the undead that seemed to be the only inhabitants left after the battle centuries ago.

The monotony of the dull grey, dusty tunnels was broken by two events. First, and most dispiritingly, they encountered a Flameskull in the old smelting chamber, a hideous floating skull wreathed in green flame. This long dead artefact inhabited by the centuries-old spirit of an evil wizard put up a difficult fight.

Zasheir and Joris fell to the flameskull's fireball spell, and whilst Joris managed to survive (now bearing the scars of the encounter on his flesh), the monk sadly perished.

There was a moment of argument, fed by the anger and loss of their comrade, when Joris and Udrath almost came to blows over the fate of Zasheir's corpse. They returned it to the barracks and laid it down for collection later.

After resting and recovering the adventurers contiued their search for the Forge of Spells. The second event that caused them concern was encountering Mormesk the Wraith. The group overcame this obstacle, but not before Udrath almost succumbed to the undead's life-draining powers.
With still no sign of either the Forge of Spells or the Black Spider, the cold and unforgiving mine was starting to take it's toll...

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  1. The last time a monk had an intriguing offer from a sister was in this adult film of Robin Hood I saw. But enough about Friar Tuck and Maid Marianne